If you suffer from severe low back and sciatica pain, type of sharp stabbing pain that goes from your back into your legs in this article is for you. If you have tried every type of home remedy, if you have seen a multitude of doctors and therapists and still suffer from your severe pain then you need to read this article. Stop wasting your time and money on treatments supplements will never get you well. If you finally want to get rid of your sciatica pain - continue reading. You see most people will try to rid of their sciatica pain on their own by taking a homemade remedy or by going online and trying to find a sciatica pain relief exercise video that will provide them with the miracle cure. Sadly I have to tell you that there is no miracle sure for sciatica nerve root pain. But I am happy you tell you that there are cures for sciatica that are being used in clinics across the world that follow the medical established protocols and procedures.

So before you attempt any types of therapies or treatments on your own go see your family doctor or chiropractor. They will properly evaluate you and determine what the cause of your sciatica pain is. Sciatica pain can be caused by disc herniations, pinched nerves, scar tissue and even tight muscles and misaligned spinal segments. Once they determine what is causing your pain they will guide you on the proper methods to get rid of your pain.

Usually treatment will begin by having you take some type of anti-inflammatory medication or supplement. This is to get rid of inflammation and swelling of the nerve and the muscles.

The next step is crucial. At this point many people will start performing some type of exercise to strengthen the muscles thinking that this will help them by providing support to the spine. Now this is actually a necessary step in the treatment protocol to get rid of your sciatica pain but this is not the right time for such exercises. We really should be focusing on stretching your spine and also stretching the muscles of your body. There are many fantastic exercise is that her design to provide spinal elongation otherwise known as traction exercises. But I have found that nothing compares with spinal traction decompression therapy, especially traction therapy performed on the Saunders 3-D active track traction therapy table. In my office I have treated sciatica sufferers with great success on the Saunders 3-D active track traction therapy table when most other methods failed to provide sciatica pain relief. The great thing about this table is that treatment is totally pain-free and it was designed by a world-renowned physical therapist. The goal of traction therapy is actually to unpinch your nerves or take the pressure off of your pinched nerves.

After we have gone over your pain with traction therapy we then began an exercise program to balance strengthen and stabilize the muscles of the spine in order to provide support to the spine and the spinal discs.

The final step is to work with you in developing a program you can perform at home on your own in order to maintain the pain relief that you have finally achieved.

So there you have it a guide on how to finally achieve pain relief by getting rid of your sciatica pain.

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