It is a sad fact but in today's society unhealthy beverages that contain large amounts of sugar can be found almost everywhere you turn. From sodas that are full of nothing but chemicals, preservatives and sugar to fruit juices that are made up of everything except real natural healthy fruit. What this all adds up to are lots of daily choices for your children.

You have to remember that it is crucial that you ensure that your children drink healthy beverages. The unhealthy drinks out there lack nutritional benefits to your children, eight do not supply by any necessary vitamins for your child and they can actually cause sickness, illness and unhealthy growth and development.

So now I know the question you were asking is what can I give my child to drink? It's time to get back to the fundamentals.

The Absolute healthiest drink that you can ever give your child is good old natural water. Water is necessary for every system of your body to function properly. It is a crime that most children in today's world are actually dehydrated the majority of time.

Be sure to have fresh water available for your child to drink throughout the day. You want to make it that when your child is thirsty. The first thing he reaches for his water. Some people tell me that their children do not like water. So if your child does not like water just leave some fresh lemon juice into the glass and suddenly your child is now drinking lemonade. To make it even more tasty make sure that the water is chilled a bit.

Now I know that there are artificially flavored waters that you can drink but the key word is artificial. These beverages are flavored with chemicals and artificial sweeteners that are usually not healthy for you. Now I know that this does not increase the calorie content of the beverage by the artificial chemicals are definitely not healthy for you or your child. So the absolute best thing to do is to drink plain water or water with lemon juice.

Fruit juices that are freshly squeezed are another fantastic choice for your child to drink. But be sure to freshly squeezed fruit juices. I have found that the majority of juices that are purchased at the stores contain large amounts of sugar. And beware because they usually have some other fancy chemical name on the label instead the word sugar. I do not know about you I do not feel comfortable giving my child a beverage for which I needed degree in chemistry in order to understand the ingredients listed on the label.

Even though natural freshly squeezed fruit juice is healthy you do not want to overdo it and give nothing but fruit juice to your child to drink. Two or possibly even three glasses of natural freshly squeezed fruit juice are all that you should give your child. Your child will be much healthier eating the whole natural fruit as opposed to just drinking the juice.

So forget about all of the sodas and fancy sport drinks and give your child a nice chilled glass of water to ensure good health and development.

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