As a Philadelphia chiropractor for the past 20 some years the most often question that I am asked almost on a daily basis is if the exercises that people are given and that they see online are really good for getting rid of sciatica pain. First let me say that before you ever attempt any type of exercises to get rid of your sciatica pain you should always consults your medical doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist. Unknowingly if you do the wrong type of movements you may actually do more harm than good. With that being said here is why therapeutic exercise are often times the answer for getting rid of your sciatica pain.

One of the best exercises for getting rid of your sciatica nerve root pain are the stretching exercises otherwise known as the spinal elongation exercises. The spinal elongation or spinal traction exercises are one of the oldest and most beneficial exercises for getting rid of your pain.

Other great pain relief exercises are muscle stretching exercises. For example often times sciatica pain can be caused by extremely tight buttocks muscles. If that is what is causing your pain loosening these muscles will prove to be a great pain relieving exercise.

And let's not forget the strengthening exercises. Not only are strengthening the low back muscles as well as the stomach muscles very beneficial in providing sciatica pain relief but they will also help prevent future episodes of low back pain and sciatica pain.

Even though many of these exercise are great for getting rid of your sciatica pain please remember that you really should see your medical doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist to determine the actual cause of your pain and what the best type of therapies would be to get rid of your pain and return you to a normal active lifestyle.

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