Back pain relief is the goal of millions of people around the world. Often times it seems to be quite elusive especially when you have everyone telling you how they cured their own problem.  However, I am going to tell you the one simple exercise that works approximately 80% of the time in getting rid of your aches.  I am also going to give you 2 additional tips to speed up your healing.

Tip # 1:
First be sure to always be properly hydrated as dehydration is one of the leading causes of muscle spasms and sciatica. A good rule is to try to drink at least 1 L of water a day. I have even read literature that recommends you to drink 2 to 3 L of water a day. Water is necessary t maintain proper muscle balance and tone and will help get rid of and prevent cramps and Charlie horses.

Tip #2:
Take a daily calcium and magnesium combination multivitamin. This supplement balances the minerals and nutrients in the muscles and not only works as a natural relaxant when you have a problem but it will also help prevent spasms as well.

The main exercise:
The one exercise to relieve your back pain is as follows. Lie on you back and gently move close to a wall and place the heels of your foot on the wall. Start out by having your legs at a 45% angle going up the wall and stretch your arms over your head. You should feel your spine and muscles stretching. As you become more flexible and your pain decreases move your feet up the wall so that your legs are close to a 90% angle. Now this exercise takes some practice so please work your way into this stretch.

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