Now before we get started I want to clear up any misconceptions on what low back pain exercises really are. Now when we talk about exercise we are not just talking about cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting or even stretching. Believe it or not any type of therapeutic activity that you can perform yourself at home is considered to be some type of low back pain exercise. So keeping in mind the many techniques that you can do what home to get rid of your pain and this would include trigger point therapy, acupressure and even spinal stabilization exercises.

All of these are activities that you can do on your own in the privacy of your own home in the hopes of alleviating your low back pain and sciatica pain. Realistically if you just perform stretching exercises all day long you will obtain some pain relief but it will only be temporary at best.

Back pain and sciatica pain more often than not, is caused by some type of muscle imbalance as well as spinal and joint misalignments. What I have found is that if you have not been in any type of traumatic event like a car accident, or a work-related accident or even a severe sports injury most back injuries come from a series of accumulated stresses or little injuries that have taken place over time. This could be from lifting, bending and twisting while using bad posture and this usually puts undue stress and strain on your body.

Therefore getting rid of your pain must include fixing all the different areas of injury and if you only stretch and exercise you will only be fixing a small part of the problem and injuries.

So the question remains what lower back pain relief exercises really work?

You say this question is actually the problem. I say this because the majority of people out there are just looking for the magic golden exercise that will get rid of all their pain just by performing at once.

Even now during numerous techniques such as acupressure therapy and trigger point therapy that can provide you with almost instantaneous pain relief, in order to achieve permanent long-term pain relief you usually have to incorporate various techniques at their appropriate time and sequence.

Take for example the muscles of your back hips and legs. They all help provide support balance and stabilization your low back. If any one of these muscles become fatigued or overly tight or spasm your back and spine will become unbalanced and misaligned causing you to feel some type of back pain. This can even eventually lead to spinal and muscular imbalances in your upper back and neck and you will soon be experiencing neck and upper back pain in addition to your low back pain.

Once you correct and fix the imbalanced muscles as well as the misaligned spinal structures your pain should normally go way. Sometimes just simple stretches are all that is needed to correct the muscular imbalances but if you do not catch the problem in time the just gets worse and more involved therapies for forward by a chiropractor or usually necessary. These therapies include trigger point therapy and acupressure therapy.

You see the majority of people think that it's perfectly normal to have some muscle stiffness and some backache and they leave it alone thinking that the pain will go away on its own. Luckily sometimes the pain does go away on its own. But the thing that you have to be careful is that these episodes of back pain occur much more frequently over the course of time it takes longer a longer for the pain to go away. So now we are faced with something that requires a bit more time and effort in order for you to be pain free.

Even though it might take a bit more time to get rid of your pain at this point the basics hold true -- in that a combination of treatments including correcting the imbalances of your spine and muscles and additional treatments like spinal traction decompression therapy - are usually what is needed to get rid of your pain.