There is debate within the fibromyalgia community whether or not a total of 11 out of 18 points must test positive in order to be given a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  I treat severe fibromyalgia patients every day, day in and day out, and my feeling on whether 11 points must test positive is "who cares?"  Fibromyalgia is a name, a label so to speak, that many doctors put on patients because they don't understand why they have widespread pain all over the body.  In reality when looking at tender points you are only measuring the symptoms but ignoring the cause, which is central nervous system dysfunction.

I have never met a doctor who was not interested in seeing his or her patients get well, to return to normal activities and lifestyle.  Unfortanately fibromyalgia is not the typical disease or illness that can be treated with traditional medical interventions, and then have it go away.  Out of frustration doctors label chronic pain patients with fibromyalgia as a way of saying "Mrs. Smith you have fibromyalgia, their is nothing that can be done for you, sorry." In a way, its an out, an escape, from the patient that just won't get better.  Doctors want to help but I just see too many grow frustrated because they are trying to treat a complex problem with an approach that doesn't work for fibromyalgia.

At my Philadelphia Fibromyalgia Treatment Center, we specialize in Fibromyalgia Therapy, a cutting edge, non-drug approach that deals directly with the cause of Fibromyalgia.  We realize that every person is different, and we take an individual, customized approach to each case that has been amazingly successful. 

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